Nazis Go Underground (9781781551219)

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ISBN: 9781781551219
'Its existence is known only żeby the effects of its action.' Author Curt Riess on what happens when an organisation goes underground. Written in 1944, thus contemporary to the events of the Second World War and Nazi Germany, The Nazis Go Underground describes how the Nazis planned and organised their descent into the underground as early as 1943. At this stage of the war, the situation for the Third Reich looked grim. With Bormann and Himmler as its architects, the Nazi party would go underground and prepare for World War III from the shattered ruins of Berlin. German generals were anxious to get the war over. They knew the war was futile, would end in total defeat and questioned Hitler's suicidal military tactics. Survival as an institution, as a political force, for them, was essential. The Nazis concocted a system aby which they would continue to have close contacts with members of the aboveground legitimate government after the end of the war. They would make sure to have some of their men, dependable ones, remaining in the official apparatus of the government, to be able to coordinate operations and policies. It was therefore believed that Nazi Germany could once more rise from the ashes after defeat in the Second World War. Written and researched żeby an acclaimed Jewish Berlin journalist who fled Nazi Germany for the US, Curt Riess was in the position with his experience and contacts within the Third Reich to expose their underground movement. Conspiracy theory or historical fact, The Nazis Go Underground questions in incredible detail on how Hitler's operatives organised such a mammoth undertaking and since that day of 16 May 1943 may have already prepared for World War III.